Wednesday 9 October 2019

Perfidious Facebook

Sorry - I have not been using blogger for some time while I have been on a mission to explore and understand every aspect of Facebook.

The way in which Facebook flatly refuses to engage in a discussion about any of its kangaroo court judgements means that it is impossible to regard it as a viable commercial partner.

"Restrictions such as a page being unpublished, reduced distribution and more." 

Wow. WOW... these folks make no attempt to conceal the arrogance with which they wield absolute power… this is also a confession of the granularity of their content "control" systems. They are The New Mafia.. ...a good title for my book...

The threats it makes when imposing one of its arbitrary notices reminds us that it can control every aspect of any Facebook presence to a degree which is beyond just dangerous. At the very least it is a threat to any society that is now infected by it.

I doubt if I will get much political support for this campaign in the run-up to an election, where the political parties are fully well aware of the pernicious and subversive value in using Facebook as an advertising platform. And Facebook almost certainly knows this.

After the upcoming UK election, hopefully, one party will emerge with a big enough majority to have the balls to conduct a root and branch review of all media, as it has evolved in the past 20 years with its unprecedented access to personal information to which it has become addicted. This will inevitably mean it is necessary to take Facebook apart and either ban it from this country or require it to operate in a much more transparent and responsive manner.

After a 12-month experiment in which I have immersed myself in the workings of Facebook, my NewsScape hobby project is reaching around 200,000 a week, which is nothing in the context of Facebook, but a reasonable circulation as far as specialist Media in the UK. The best post ended up reaching 12 million, and I'm embarrassed to admit it was very much along the lines of "duck on skateboard", rather than any sort of crucial cerebral commentary on a news story.

All part of the process of gathering evidence...

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