Monday 10 March 2014

News is only news once...

...  not when the same story is repeated 360 times a day. 

I am weary of seeing the same pieces repeated endlessly on all TV news channels.

So here's a radical idea: only allow the main news radio and TV "channels" to broadcast the same story once.

Yes, we know.....
If there is a breaking story then the broadcaster can now easily spawn another "red button" channel to deal with that specific topic.

I appreciate that the ability of one story to dominate the news is "the way it's always been", but there has been a sea change in technology at both ends of the link.

Broadcasters have massive technical resources that can deliver live video from just about anywhere on the planet in real time, and consumers have devices in their pockets capable of displaying it.

We need to force lazy traditional broadcasters to address the development of better online solutions. Just because there is a problem in one country like the Ukraine, it does not mean that all activity has ceased in all other parts of the planet, does it?