Wednesday 13 August 2014

The new zombie generation (3)

They're out to get you... 

Many of the once basic "growing up skills" - a grasp of common sense, an appreciation of personal responsibility, a sense of adventure and risk taking - have been replaced in the ZG by carefully implanted conditioned reflexes, brought about by the many unholy alliances between Big Government and Big Business, to serve their interests at the expense of the constant erosion of individual freedoms.

This brave new world of "Nanny State meets Nanny Business" is effectively crystallised within the ethos of an organisation called  Common Purpose.  Although disguised in various ways to seem less threatening, Common Purpose is the embodiment of Political Correctness incarnate - it has created an ethos of "conform, or risk being ostracised". Many "traditional" majority views are constantly challenged and dismissed as "populist", and the CP ethos is based around the "progressive" presumptions that have allowed cabals of vociferous minorities to deflect attention from key mainstream matters, and dictate the social agenda to the majority. Any specious lip service paid to "tolerance" has become sacrosanct and dare not be challenged or quesioned. But this seems to be more about intolerance than anything, it is about hijacking and shifting the tolerant moral middle ground of society, to enable control by skilled manipulators at the extremes.

As Edmund Burke observed: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Whereas debates about cockup v. sedition conspiracies always used to assume cockup prevailed, modern communications have changed the rules, and it is a lot more probable that conspiracy is now a credible factor. The Bilderberg organisation is widely reputed to be part of a high level conspiracy to re-engineer society to make it simpler for Big Government and globalised organisations to manipulate and control, and there is plenty of evidence online that is worthy of further study before being dismissed as fringe lunacy. Sure there are a number of loose canons involved who may border on paranoid, but that should not be allowed to distract from the inescapable fact that Bilderberg is a secret club for the world's wealthiest businesses, individuals and most discredited bankers. Remember that Savill, Harris & Co. successfully hid in plain view for 30 years with the assistance of the BBC.

A rather more mundane example is that the Big Brother conditioning of the Zombie Generation (ZG) has lead to the meek acceptance of all manner of apparently simple impositions that the grumpies rightly regard as abominations - such as the meek acceptance of 24 month phone contracts paid by direct debit.

Getting shaken down at any transport hub, thanks to Blair's desire to crusade in the Middle East with Bush, is part of a total submission to men and women in peaked caps who are (well) paid to guard us from the many consequences of various Western follies.  The fact that the odds of death by terrorist is somewhat lower than death by choking on a hobnob, is neither here nor there.

There is now a conditioned/resigned expectation in the ZG that attempts to contact any large business for all but the most mundane matters will be thwarted by call centres, manned by people who barely speak English. But it wasn't always like this. Once upon a time you got to speak to people who could a) speak English b) deal directly with your questions.

So why not just stop supporting companies that grow fat by exporting UK  jobs overseas - and support businesses that use exclusively UK based staff? The people who gain most by continued compliance with the globalisation agenda and tactics are not the (working, indigenous) people of the UK.

It used to be that way, and it could still be that way if enough people raised hell, and refused to be assimilated into the new hives of globalised business and politics.

Another mundane but telling issue: the ZG meekly accepts that a phone they leased/bought for £500 (but cost <£100 to make) is worthless after 18-24 months, and needs replacing. And thus the ZG offers itself for sacrifice on the altar of Vodafone and the rest for the bi-annual ritual of largely pointless upgrades. Much to the delight of the pushers of these shiny things that have become the fulcrum of so many modern ZG lifestyles... and the means by which "Government" now knows where you are and who you are communicating with. But hell, what have you got to hide..?

As Edmund Burke observed: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Sunday 10 August 2014

The new zombie generation (2)

Although many boomers and generation X readers know what I meant by "zombie generation" in the first part of this series, the zombies themselves seem rather puzzled...
Which is precisely the problem! Their "innate and instinctive skills" that once developed vital individual leadership and self-sufficiency in all things from common sense survival to formation of own opinions - rather than those that are carefully implanted by "the system" - have been neutralised by immersion in a process of mostly state-managed mind control from an early age, based on the principles of political correctness to inculcate what the PC brigade regard as absolute truths about the nature and boundaries of modern life, that cannot be challenged or altered.
This has created a generation that is more compliant for manipulation by big government and big business agendas. The ZG will dutifully accept the orders of the ever expanding armies of jobsworths who seem to have been granted endless power over our lives. So take your shoes off at the airport scanner; put that dog on a lead in the woods, eat 5 types of fruit and vegetable a day, allow any company that wants to direct debit your bank account; sort that rubbish into those 6 separate bins for recycling. And accept new taxes that are allegedly to help mitigate "climate change", without question or proof.
Thanks to the paranoid notions conveyed by a media, ever more frantic to draw attention to itself (cf the BBC and the already infamous Cliff Richard "raid") and promote the idea that there is a pervert lurking behind every bush, most kids no longer grow up in a world where they go out and play in the woods together to learn about life, and instinctive reactions to emergent situations and people. Their lives are carefully conducted, conditioned and cocooned - starting by being strapped into all manner of safety seats that us children of the reckless parenting of the 50s and 60s would scoff at. (Some of us might even suggest that the best Darwinian contribution to road safety would be a large spike on the steering wheel boss, that reminded the driver not to crash into the vehicle in front).
Kids up to the age of 7 are carefully conditioned and influenced by the principles of "Disney" marketing - endless product-placement TV shows, designed to spare frantic parents the duty of continuously amusing their children, or risk being deemed "inadequate".
The Jesuits knew the value of early indoctrination long before Disney and marketing came along to raise it to a science: "Give me a child until the age of 7, and I will give you the man". That's how most dominant religions have always operated, so the effort on getting kids at ever younger ages away from parents and into state approved early learning facilities (aka nursery school), is very much a part of the "we know what is good for you, better than you do" ethos, and a cornerstone of meddling government policy.
We all live in the brave new world where minds are controlled by messages "pushed" via screens (1984 got that right). Kids are no longer allowed to find out that competitive sports mean there are losers; girls no longer know they are supposed be subtle about the fact they are generally smarter than boys, and use that knowledge to manipulate the men in their lives. When did getting rat-arsed in public on girls' nights out become de rigeur? The old rules of a once orderly society built on years of working with the nuances of human nature, no longer apply.
The ZG has been conditioned to think in the way that the system wants them to think - so that they will put up with the many impositions that blight modern existence to make life more convenient for big governments and big businesses: everything from foreign call centres that consume our lives at 6p-40p a minute, to banks that are too big to fail and companies that are too big to pay taxes. They know no better, and accept their fate rather too willingly and less rebelliously than us grumpy old types, who can still remember a world of proper bank managers, and bustling high streets with more than just franchised coffee shops and mobile phone emporia as far as the eye can see.
Am I showing my age?

Saturday 9 August 2014

The new zombie generation

Some of us who are older than we want to admit look around at modern youth and marvel at just how effective the social engineering strategies introduced by the 1997 Labour administration have turned out to be.

The process was mostly achieved by infiltrating quangos, education and the civil service  - and the results have changed the face of the nation using these unelected stormtroops, and thus quite difficult to displace, as the Coalition quickly found out.

Like it or not, a lot of this was the result of the Common Purpose organisation's tireless effort to brainwash over promoted civil servants and give them a sense of their own self-importance as warriors in the struggle towards what they pompously pretended was a fairer and more tolerant society. But all the measures show Labour left society more unequal than ever, as long standing tools of social mobility like Grammar Schools were hacked away - and smothered by more petty laws controlling every aspect of existence.

The worst legacy of the lot is an over abundance of public servants whose sense of entitlement to 6 figure salaries is quite staggering - the poster girl for which is probably Sharon Shoesmith; and whose brain-washed stewardship of the nanny state is exemplified in endless specious "green" laws and new powers to harass the public at every step of their existence.

Oh for a time machine to go back and sort it all out.