"I am MrDerrick and I have been working in the banking industry for many years and I am a man of my word and I make sure every work place on my table is well taking care of and make sure the customers in front of my desk are well satisfied as well as customers at home. I work very hard to actualise my dream and make sure anybody I work with, is well satisfied and will always want to work with me"
I barely knew the mutual contact, so I did an image search and was taken direct to what seem likely to be the real owner of that image (above). This reinforces my belief that you really should avoid any accurate photographic image appearing anywhere online - and never post your real birthday, but use a carefully noted "alternative" date (why not, HM The Queen has an "official" birthday as well as her "real" one?)
Then when the ID fraud starts, you can at least trace back to the source of the birthday used. Plus this looks like a bit of a clue, too... all the same name and bio!
I reported the user to LinkedIn - and it may be that I am doing Derrick Nathaniel a huge disservice, but I suspect not. I am more inclined to believe one of these returned by a simple google search.
I am sorry LinkedIn, and I am not sure what the simple solution is - or if there is one - but the time has come for some better provenance testing before you let anyone in off the street. You have achieved critical mass now, you can afford to make the verification process more tedious and raise the bar.
The "real" Duncan Lawrie private bank should clearly be all over this like a rash. I sent them a message after checking their website search returned no knowledge of Derrick Nathaniel - I shall look again later and if they have not posted a "Derrick Nathaniel" warning to others, I will be disappointed and concerned.
The worrying thing is that there are apparently 191 others who have connected - and more again on the repeat identities. Once LinkedIn confirms a case of fraud has taken place, does it contact all the connections of that fraudster to warn them to check any interactions they may have had? Or does that contact just "quietly disappear"..?
It is time to clean up Linked In - and ask the awkward questions. I just refreshed the Nathaniel page and his connections are still climbing steadily - now 206, 207, 208....